Key Features

Informative Visuals

Interactive charts and tables transform raw data into usable information that can improve purchasing activities and increase awareness.

Spending Categories

Spending categories create accessible entry points into a massive amount of data that might otherwise be overwhelming.

These categories are easy to navigate and contribute to an eye- catching and informative experience.

Simple Navigation

Quick category drill-down allows visitors to access high level spending information after just one click.

Powerful Search

Search spending activity by item, contract description or supplier name. Even search contract pricing attachments in common document formats such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF.

Spending Trends

The spending report shows activity in a selected category over a few selected time periods, allowing for quick and intuitive comparison.

Data Synchronization

The E-Catalog can be connected to back-end financial and accounting systems such as Oracle and SAP so that your data is always up to date.